Defining “Adventure”

Well, you’re certainly going to have an adventure, aren’t you?
Every time I mention that I am heading to Romania, people (in America) give me a look that says, “Why? Isn’t that dangerous?”
They blurt out “pick pocket,” “sex trafficking,” and “communism” in varying orders, and ask me “Have you been there?”
What I actually found during my first visit to Romania in 2011 (after getting past the sketchy cab drivers, wild dogs, and up the stairs of an old communist-style building) was a sweet lady who inspired me to love and laugh till I cried.
Mrs. Duța let me join her in volunteering at various orphanages. She impressed me with her impressive sense of adventure. She loves the kids despite their messy circumstances (even that one who pooped on her carpet) and trusts that “God is up,” regarding the outcome of her work. Her fearlessness inspired me.
Too often we hold ourselves back from adventures and avoid contact with the people that need us to be fearless. This year I hope to find more people like Mrs. Duta and understand their stories, as I share with you my day-to-day adventure of cross cultural living on the blog.

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