About Anna

This blog is about the adventures of Anna Sherod in Romania during her Fulbright ETA (English Teaching Assistantship).

Îmi pare bine de cunoștință. (Pleased to meet you.)


More generally, the blog is about reaching across cultures, learning a somewhat obscure foreign language, exploring local food with local people, volunteering in a post-communist society, and most importantly, having grand adventures.

I grew up in Japan, making me a TCK (Third Culture Kid) with an alternative view on where “home” is.  My personal statement for the Fulbright grant was about pirates.


I’m a wanna-be polyglot… but my Spanish and German are rusty, and Romanian’s really hard. Oh the struggle.

My dad is afraid that I’m going to be “a volunteer” forever.

My ETA (English Teaching Assistantship) grant period began in Constanța is at Ovidius University for the first semester. I continued at the University of Bucharest for the second semester, where I’m also working at the Fulbright Educational Advising Center.

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6 Responses to About Anna

  1. I See Bela says:

    Wonderful blog! Keep it up! 🙂

  2. David Hadaller says:

    I am an old Fulbrighter from the 1987-88 academic year up in Iasi at Cuza University. Yes, the old days under Ceaușescu! But I also have a great connection with Constanta, so I am very happy you were stationed there. My wife is from Constanta, so I have loads of relatives there and we get over there quite a bit to visit the inlaws and my brother in laws family as well as my wife’s innumerable cousins. Your website is terrific and I am always glad to see an American beginning to cherish Romania–my second home.

    Currently I am a Dean at Bronx Community College, and I am the official Fulbright rep here.


    David Hadaller

    • Woah! Grozava! Thank you so much for stopping by! We talk a lot about “the old days” here, within the Fulbright program and “pe strada.” So much has changed, but I understand that the pre-revolution years of the Fulbright commission were so important for the flow of ideas in Romania. If you have any students at your college seriously considering the Fulbright, send them my way (they can submit questions via the blog contact box, and I’m willing to Skype about what the experience is like as well).

  3. awomynsworth says:

    Hey Anna! I didn’t realize you had this blog until you commented on mine. Following you now and looking forward to future posts 🙂

    • I’m probably only going to post one more “finish er up” post on this blog since I’m not in Romania anymore, but I’ll let you know when I start my next blog 🙂

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