Ugly Ducklings

My little ducklings discovered Photo Booth and proceeded to take some terrifying pictures on Saturday.

Photo on 2014-05-31 at 12.07 #4

We were reading the story of The Ugly Duckling, in my bilingual story book.

One of them just wanted to read in Romanian.

Another one wanted to make up her own story in Romanian and then have me read in English and tell her what some words meant.

The last one wanted to read all the English words herself and then circle back to understand every single word.

Good thing we were working 1:1.

The last girl I was hanging out with (her nickname is Mowgli, from the Jungle Book, although I never call her that) is kind-of-my-favorite.

I’m probably not allowed to have a “favorite,” but that’s just how it is, and “Mowgli” is perhaps the kindest and the most downtrodden of the bunch. She never has anywhere to go on Saturdays. She smiles really slowly until her smile is HUGE.

Unfortunately, lots of folks in her life don’t understand that “Mowgli” is smart and has great potential. She reminds me of myself when I was a kid; she’ll forget her notebook, run to get it… and then forget the pen that she put down when she picked up the notebook.

She’s a wispy thing, all arms and skinny legs, and that smile that creeps up her cheeks toward her too-big ears as her brown eyes light up and flash toward you and then down again scanning her notes. She wants to write down every word I say in English.

She’s bold with the few English words that she knows, and she’s willing to show up to class even if the other girls don’t. She sometimes runs into class five minutes late, palms up “sorry!”, and shuffling to her seat quickly, casting furtive glances around to see what’s happening.

I can’t wait to see what “Mowgli” is going to be like in a couple of years. I am really hoping that she has great mentors and friends in her life so that she can be everything that she’s capable of being. She’s such a swan.

Screen shot 2014-06-02 at 12.23.38 PM



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2 Responses to Ugly Ducklings

  1. Grandma Marilyn says:

    These girls are so blessed in having you for a teacher, Anna-chan! Prescious moments to remember. I love you!

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