1:1 Mentoring Project Trajectory

Where are we headed?

Promoting a mentoring project in Bucharest has led me to probably about 50 conversations that generally end with this question or a variation on it:

What’s next?

Today as I gave a talk at the American Corner at the Romanian National Library, I finally could answer that question:

The project will be piloted this year, a professor of Psychology serving as “mentor to the mentors,” with mostly 3rd year psychology students and a few other dedicated volunteers. The training manuel and website functions described in our original project proposal will be developed in tandem with the feedback, stories, and “soul” generated by this pilot project.

There are still a few unknowns… such as whether the project will evolve officially into “Big Brothers Big Sisters of Romania” or simply continue to be inspired by the traditional community based mentoring model that they adhere to… and other structural details still have to be seen to in the next couple of weeks to ensure a productive summer forward for the project, but I can feel that this idea’s time has come.

B&S just hands


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