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Hosting my Mom and Pop in Bucharest: Lessons learned

I was a bit nervous introducing Romania to my parents. Would they like it? Would they understand it? What would they think? Unfortunately, our final moments on bus 780 from Otopeni -> Gara de Nord were interrupted by the almost-always-abrasive … Continue reading

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“It’s cute how many Romanian spelling mistakes you make on your blog…

…at least it’s nice to see someone try.” Thank you, University of Bucharest students, for keeping it real…încerc, OK?  Happy Easter to everyone! I’m off to a church retreat in Germany, so I’ll be back in Romania soon. 🙂

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Do you have anything in your bag?

Mrs. Duta: (sternly) Ana… do you have anything in your bag? Me: (very seriously searching my almost empty shoulder bag) Umm..just..chapstick, metro card, pen… Mrs. Duta: Maybe you should put this in your bag. (She solemnly pulls out a tupperware … Continue reading

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A Glorious AEIF Screenshot

So, the State Department has this super sneaky website only open to Exchange Alumni members, but I wanted to shout to the mountain tops how proud I am of everyone on the project team for rallying around this grant idea! If … Continue reading

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Nerding out – Ucenic

Ucenic in Romanian means “mentee,” or apprentice. There’s a verb that means to undertake apprenticeship: a ucenici Mentor is already a word in Romanian. There’s no coresponding verb for “to mentor,” like in English. (Nu pot sǎ “mentoresc?”) …Nerdy things … Continue reading

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Spor la lucru

Spor la lucru is a wonderful phrase. More practical than Hakunamatata, more encouraging than “Kill it at work,” less intense than the Japanese Gambare!… spor la lucru tells you to work hard and get a lot accomplished, but simultaneously to relax – don’t … Continue reading

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When walking to the Fulbright Commission…

…one must always appreciate the magnolias.

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