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COLINDE, COLINDE! Sights and Sounds of Christmas in Romania!

Christmas is a big deal in Romania, so here’s a slideshow and a video to give you a glimpse of what’s been happening! I’ve been told I “should really be out in the villages where the pigs are being killed…” … Continue reading

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Just Do It! (Things I do in Romania that I would never do in LA)

Happy Advent! This is my Advent Plant: As I pack to visit family for Christmas, I’ve been reflecting on…Things I Do In Romania That I Would Not Be Qualified To Do in LA: 1.) Teach yoga classes in my living … Continue reading

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Language Magic

Anything sufficiently complicated is indistinguishable from magic. Does that makes Romanian a magical language??? I’m posting the following Facebook conversation because I’m ridiculously proud of myself for not using google translate. If you speak Romanian, there’s no need to actually … Continue reading

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Particularly Diffuse People

I’ve been getting to know local people through long, unexpected conversations. Every time I this happens, I think “Ah-Ha! Diffuse! Particular!” I know that reaction isn’t normal, but bear with me. At the beginning of the semester, I went through Trompanaars’ seven dimensions … Continue reading

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23 in ’89

It was 2011. We were out with my friend’s dad on a ranch, and it was momentarily frightening to shoot that shotgun even though I was only pointing at a tree stump. I share this moment with you to emphasize how … Continue reading

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Learning to be an (angry) Centaur

Certainly, the duchess was one of the best teachers I’ve ever encountered. She encouraged us to think of ourselves as connected to the horses from the waist down. “It’s OK to be a little bit angry!” she leaned back slowly in … Continue reading

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