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Salatǎ de Varzǎ (Cabbage Salad)

I’ve been craving cabbage salad ever since we ate it at a celebratory dinner during Fulbright orientation three weeks ago. I continue to be so grateful for the welcome we received. With their kindness in mind, I want to pass on … Continue reading

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This video made me laugh, meaning you don’t need to speak Romanian to get the joke. Instead of “Hungry? Grab a Snickers,” these ladies have some different advice…o ceapǎ.

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Not at work? Working on Romanian.

Whenever people ask me how learning Romanian is going, I say, “Nu am timp,” implying that I’m just too busy to study. Which feels true, most of the time. This weekend, I tried to meet people here in Constanta and … Continue reading

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Galadriel visits the Tartar Union

Scene opens in Constanta, at the Halloween event of the Democratic Union of the Turkish-Muslim Tartars… Senia: “How do you feel about giving an interview to a local news station?” Me: “Dressed as an elf?” Senia: “Yah, right now, they … Continue reading

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The Pinnacle of my Romanian Language Learning Thus Far

When the original Numa numa video came out, I didn’t even know it was in Romanian. Today, I got to belt it out along with all the other foreign students (mostly Israeli and Bulgarian) in the Ovidius intensive class. The … Continue reading

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Letting Go of Expectations as an ETA

While researching tips for my freshman on public speaking, I read a great quote. It went something like this, “Don’t give advice, none of us are smart enough to give advice. Just tell people stories about what worked for you.” … Continue reading

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Here Comes The Sun…

The Sun is finally out! I was able to go for a run today, and it was BEAUTIFUL: Nothing bad can happen when the sun is out. Even the stray dogs were look’n cute. (I’m actually getting really attached to … Continue reading

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