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Romania…What is happening here?

This post is a list of things that have made me smile and say “Poftim?” What? This is awesome. 1.) My First Day Here Christie Myers, future president of the United States (and one of my good friends from Pepperdine)… … Continue reading

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I’m Learning Flexibility. Gata!

Found out what classes I’m teaching… yesterday. Do I know what’s going to happen this week? Absolutely not. But, “patience, flexibility, a spirit of adventure and a sense of humor are among the most important qualities required of Fulbright grantees,” … Continue reading

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Beauty Inside Bucharest

This is Bucharest. TIB. Nestled among the communist-era apartments are orthodox churches. Look up inside the churches and the walls are covered in frescos. Look around in some of those drab apartments and it’s surprisingly green. The apartments are a … Continue reading

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Tomato Glory: “Costița?”

It’s tomato season here.  I’ve probably eaten at least 5 tomatoes every day: tomatoes with cheese, tomatoes with pepper-infused olive oil, tomatoes in crepes, I just stopped typing this sentence to go eat a tomato. I’m so not over tomatoes … Continue reading

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In a Day

One normal day can hold a lot of meaning. This holds true especially if you are Jack Bauer…or if you’re new to Romania and uncovering information about the people you’ve been spending time with. This post is designed to make … Continue reading

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Mama mia! Mǎmǎliga!

Yesterday, we made Mǎmǎliga (the Romanian version of polenta) cu mushroom sauce. After a day of exploring Bucharest’s park system with four chainsmoking, seatbelt eschewing, yet good natured 19-year-olds, I came home starving. The Duțas sprang into action.  As Niki observed, “The best … Continue reading

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Third Impression in Bucharest

This post is a bit obligatory, a first-impressions blurb that I promised my mom I’d write. My mother Martha is wise though, you never get a first impression twice, and by the time you’ve been living abroad for a month, it’s … Continue reading

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