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Delicious Veggie Sarmale (Cabbage Rolls)

As I write, the second Romanian recipe attempt for this blog is in the oven. The first attempt was a slightly hilarious disaster, so I’ll post about that later…but I wanted the first foodie post to be a good one. Fortunately, … Continue reading

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Unorthodox (and Lazy?) Language Learning Tools

The most casual way to learn a language is to do what you’re already doing…in the language you want to learn. 1.) Pinterest. Are you a Pin-o-holic? Pin all you want… in Romanian. There’s no Rosetta Stone for Romanian, so … Continue reading

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How to Befriend Stray Dogs?

I’ve never owned a dog, a belligerent dog once attacked my sister, and the last time I went for a run in Romania, I was alarmed by the “estimated 5 million homeless dogs” that I saw roaming the streets. A group of domesticated … Continue reading

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A Poem About Home

Where are you from? Without fail, I answer that question awkwardly. This year, I will say my home is in Constanța…or Los Angeles…or occasionally still Japan…sometimes it gets confusing and I feel like a fraud no matter what I say. … Continue reading

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Fulbright Personal Statement

For anyone applying for a Fulbright, the personal statement is one of many hurdles. This is the one page letter that convinced the Americans to let me represent them, and the Romanians to let me visit.  Expressing “your uniqueness” in one page … Continue reading

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